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The Take Five Method™

“Take Five!”  It sounds simple enough.  We all take short breaks – for coffee, snacks, the restroom and phone calls.  But rarely do we take strategic breaks to undo the damage caused by long hours of working, sitting, driving, hunching over computers – even playing and exercising.
The result: stiff necks, tension headaches, burning shoulder blades, hand and wrist pain, lower back pain – to name a few. People suddenly find themselves thinking they have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, or Arthritis.
Take Five Neck ExerciseEnter: The Take Five Method™, a series of five-minute breaks offering simple but highly effective stretches and therapeutic moves designed to reduce pain, relieve tension, soothe aching muscles, improve posture and increase your range of motion
The five-minute segments are easy to integrate into your busy schedule via computer, TV, iPad, cell phone or other devices.  Segments are shot in beautiful locations to give you five-minute vacations from stress and pain.
Each Take Five Segment focuses on a different area (neck, mid-back, arms, hands, legs, hips).  Instructors model correct form and timing of every move so you can relax and follow along, instead of struggling to figure out what you should be doing next. It’s like having a personal trainer for five minutes.