Ease the Pain of Sitting With a Simple Support?

Sit up straight!  The words echo in my head as I find myself sliding lower and lower in my chair, slumping my shoulders and jutting my chin forward.
Through the years, I’ve tried so many fancy chairs and back supports I’ve lost count. No matter what I tried, long hours of sitting left me with pain in my low back and neck.
BackJoy Core is a small device that makes a big difference when I sit.  Like anything, it won’t work for everyone and if you have serious issues you should always check with your health professional first.  That said, I now sit at my desk, on my couch (which is way too soft) or in my car with no fear of pain -- as long as I take periodic stretch breaks.

One Size Adapts to All

Since no two backs are exactly alike, BackJoy Core works like your personal trainer.  There’s no single sitting position that’s perfect for everyone; some of us prefer a more slouched position, some sit up straighter and some of us are moving targets.  (If you’re like me, you shift constantly.)  But no matter how you sit, BackJoy Core adapts to you, enabling better posture and less pain.
Instead of offering temporary support, Back Joy Core actually improves your posture.  A proper sitting position actually requires you to recruit the appropriate muscles, thus strengthening your core.  That, of course, means a reduction in pain. 
Like anything that recruits muscles that haven’t been used for a while, BackJoy Core can cause initial soreness in some people.  If you’re in considerable pain, you should talk to your healthcare provider first.  If you’re sensitive or haven’t worked your core muscles in a while, the makers of BackJoy Core suggest that you start by using the device for limited sessions until you build your core. 

How It Works 

BackJoy Core:

- Tilts Your Pelvis To Correct Your Posture

Backjoy gently tilts your pelvis forward to correctly align your spine. This allows your body weight to be placed on proper weight bearing bones.

- Cradles Your Muscles to Stop Tightening

Even with the correct posture, the muscles in your buttocks flatten under your body weight. BackJoy’s patented system cradles these muscles to prevent them from flattening and keeps your back muscles from tightening automatically when you sit.

- Lifts Your Pelvis to Eliminate Pressure

Like a shock absorber, BackJoy lifts your pelvis off the sitting surface, allowing it to rest in the muscle tissue of your buttocks. BackJoy allows the six components of the pelvis to work fluidly as one unit, minimizing the wear and tear on the joints and eliminating pressure.

BackJoy Core seems like a plain-Jane cushion, but its revolutionary design is the result of significant research and engineering. Despite its seeming simplicity, BackJoy  Core can actually  improve your posture, strengthen your core muscles, eliminate your back pain, and change the way you feel after sitting.