When You Need a Little Extra Help With Your Posture...


We all do now and then.  Particularly when working long hours slumped over a desk, computer, sink, stamp collection, piano, steering wheel, a newborn baby – you name it.  Most of us are all too familiar with the effects: sore back, shoulder and neck muscles, plus headaches and fatigue. 

Out of the dozens of posture braces I’ve tried, the ShouldersBack Posture Support is still one of myfavorites.  Designed by an orthopedist, it gently coaxes your shoulders back where they belong and keeps you from recruiting the wrong muscles to keep you upright.  It helps to retrain your shoulder muscles while providing a reminder for you to sit up straight.

There's nothing like good posture to make you look and feel your best.  Julia Roberts wore ShouldersBack to improve her posture for her role in Erin Brokovich, and Catherine Zeta Jones wore one to realign her spine after her pregnancy.

The ShouldersBack Posture Support isn’t one of the heavy-duty back brace supports that might be necessary if you’re injured, but it’s great for everyday use.  It fits like a lightweight vest with adjustable Velcro straps, so you can wear it over or under clothing.  I find it supportive, but comfortable enough to wear while working or riding my mountain bike. 

Even if you wear the support for as little as an hour a day, you’ll feel a difference as it pulls your shoulders up and back into a neutral position.

While a brace or posture vest can help you through a rough patch, remember that it doesn't tackle the cause, only the symptoms.  You don’t want to become dependant on any device that can actually make the problem worse by causing problem muscles to weaken further.   But while you’re taking breaks and focusing on stretching and strengthening your postural muscles, a little help can go a long way.