Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you develop The Take Five Method™?
Working with hundreds of people suffering from similar issues -- tight necks, backs, hips, arms, shoulders and hands -- we wanted to find a self-help method to help relieve tension, ongoing pain and discomfort of strained muscles.
After researching therapeutic stretching and other movements, all we found were tired old exercise sheets handed out at physical therapy sessions.  These are too often difficult to interpret, more difficult to follow, and intended as one-size-fits all. 
The Take Five Method™ is more dynamic and engaging. It's easy to follow while being highly effective.  Most of all, the segments are short so you can use them during the course of a busy day of work or play.
Does The Take Five Method™ take the place of a complete stretch and flexibility program?
Absolutely not.  The moves are designed in short segments that can be integrated easily into your busy day.  They’re designed to improve range of motion, posture, and flexibility -- and to relieve tension in specific areas. We highly recommend a full stretch program, to achieve and maintain flexibility.
Can anyone do The Take Five Method™?
As with all fitness-oriented programs, it is best to check with your physician to make sure this program is right for you. 
Once you determine the method is appropriate for you, each movement should be done with the awareness that you should only stretch to the point of tension, never pain.  The moves are all safe and highly effective, if they are done with proper form as described in the Take Five Method Tutorial for each module.
Will I feel immediate results?
Many people feel an immediate release in tension and even pain associated with muscle spasm.  For more chronic issues The Take Five Method™ can offer relief over time as the deeper layers of fascia and muscle begin to release.  Additionally, the routines promote better posture which will result in additional benefits over time.
Always keep in mind, The Take Five Method™ is designed as a supplement to your ongoing fitness and stretching programs. 
Can I see results in just five minutes a day?
This depends on a host of factors including your fitness level, how long you sit, how much you’re straining your muscles, what type of stress you carry.  For people with very minimal issues, a five-minute break will show results and is infinitely better than taking no break at all.
People with more chronic issues or tighter muscle spasms often do the routines a few times during the day, using the automatic reminder feature to encourage them  to take breaks. 
Is The Take Five Method™ safe?
As with any new fitness activity, you should always consult your health professional first.  This is particularly true if you have severe pain, shooting pain, severe headaches, dizziness, etc., as these might be indications of conditions in your spine or joints.
Assuming you have no serious health or orthopedic issues, the moves are completely safe.  You must always remember to follow the cardinal rule: stretch only to the point of tightness, never pain. 
Additionally, you should never bounce or crank your head, your back or any joint.  You should ease into all moves and any assistance with your opposite hand should be gentle.
Is the Take Five Method™ effective in an office or other group environment?

The Take Five Method™ is highly effective both as a preventive and as a restorative tool – either as a stand-alone activity, or as part of a larger fitness program.  Many companies, for example, have employee gyms or make various fitness classes, even massage and other body work, available for employees.  The result is typically lower injury rates and lost work days.

The Take Five Method™ can also be customized to your workplace – even tailored to the challenges of specific jobs or to the personal profiles of individual employees. 

The Take Five Method™ is also highly effective in sports settings – for teams or individual players.  Segments can be customized to address the demands of your game – from basket ball to golf to tennis and everything in between. 

For more information about these customizing The Take Five Method visit the customization page.